I.M. Success Tutoring is focused on building your child’s love of learning and success. There is an assurance that we will be able to implement the tutor programs discussed during your child’s scheduled lessons. If a session is to be cancelled by us, there is a guarantee we will excuse the lesson for that day at no cost to you.
If the student we are tutoring is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian (another adult over 18 years of age) must be present throughout the entire lesson. If a parent or guardian is not able to be present the lesson will not occur and will be marked as unexcused and cannot be made up. However, if 12 hours of notice is provided prior to the lesson, the lesson will be marked as excused and is redeemable within 60 days following the cancellation date.
Consistent attendance of tutoring lessons is instrumental in building the success of your child. Lesson times per child are to be a minimum of two hours a week (each individual lesson being at least one hour in length). If a lesson needs to be cancelled by you, a notice of 12 hours must be provided to ensure the lesson will be excused and a redeemable lesson can be offered. The excused lesson must be made up within 60 days following the excused lesson date or the lesson will be lost.
*If the above policies are not followed, the scheduled lesson will be marked as unexcused and cannot be made up at a future time.

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